Monday, February 7, 2011

Easy way out is never easy

There are things we know we MUST do. Even though we know we MUST do them, we sometimes waste time and energy trying to circumvent them. That never works. Never. We end up back at square one with less time, and possibly resources than we had at the beginning.

I have learned that the easy way always has a catch. Always. Sometimes the "catch" is worth it, and most times it is not.

Hope does spring eternal, but we also always have to be a factor in what happens to us. Every thought, action, and non action, takes us somewhere. The answer from the Universe is rarely "no", but it usually is "not right now", "not that way" , "not that person", "not that job". The Universe knows what is best.It knows FAR better than us humans. Even when things are going badly, they are going that way for a reason. You may be being pushed to a different solution, person, place or circumstance that in the long run is better for you.

There are still people that think that if they sit around and think, meditate, and hope, that all will turn out exactly as they please. If you truly believe that, then quit your job, sit in the middle of the house and wish and hope for food, that the bank doesn't repossess, and that the heat stays on. See how long that works for you.

The Bible says that the "Lord helps those who help themselves", and so "the Universe manifests for those who take action and control of their lives". It is that simple.

Wishing, hoping and keeping our fingers crossed are things to do AFTER we do the work, not in place of the work. Instead of wasting time running down dead ends, ask the Universe to do what is "for your highest good".

Be you best ally. Work it , and work it hard, the Universe will have your back, and you WILL reap the benefits!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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