Monday, February 14, 2011

"It is your destiny!!"

Many people think that their whole life is predestined. It is NOT.

We do have a list of life lessons for this Earthwalk. We are expected to complete them, and when we don't , we just do it over next time. We have a general "destiny", such as we will be a certain gender; be rich/poor or somewhere in the middle; be healthy or sickly; be intelligent, mentally challenged, or again somewhere in the middle. The rest is , as they say, "up to you". That is why manifesting works.

Our destiny may be to overcome some of the obstacles in our lives easily, like be born into a dirt poor family, and die in a mansion, but that rarely happens.

Some believe that there are specifics to the Universe that is all planned out for them. I sometimes want to laugh when people ask "what will he/she look like"? Sometimes there is a person who is already entering in , and that is easy. Sometimes there is a Karmic or Soul Group link with a person who is already around and easily seen. Then there is the vast majority, and that is, " no particular person ". The Universe doesn't tuck some guy in a closet for 5 years while you get over your ex. They may have already scheduled a person to step in if things go wrong or lessons are not learned. They may even say "this lifetime you will be married", but not "this lifetime you will be married to Bob Smith of 101 Lovers Lane".

The Universe leaves the specifics up you. You do the manifesting, the work, and the creativeness, on much of your life. Some things are our destiny, but not who our next boyfriend/girlfriend will be, that is usually left up to you. The new age idea of "soul mates" is what got people hung up on this. Many believe there is ONE person that we are meant to be with forever. Hogwash. Soul mates are people who are there to learn and teach our most important life lessons of that time period of our lives. They can be sisters, mothers, or lovers.

What about the other side of specifics? What if I say your next husband will be " A medium build man, average height, with brown hair, darker skin, and dresses well", does that really help??? That narrows it down to about a billion people. Does that mean if the Universe gets a chance to slip in a Prince Charming for you, that has blond hair, you won't talk to him because he didn't meet a psychic's description? Maybe the blond wasn't your lover, but man who would offer you your dream job, and you snubbed him?

There is absolutely NO reason to know what anyone is going to look like. How will you know him/her? Feelings, instincts, words that come out of their mouths, you know , the old fashioned way!

Every little aspect of your life, down to what wallpaper you will pick for your living room, is NOT predestined. The DETAILS are up to you! It is your choice and ultimately your responsibility. We are frequently asked "Why is the Universe punishing me by sending me all these jerks?" First, the Universe never punishes, it teaches lessons, and if it keeps trying to teach you to pick a different type of partner, listen to it!

Then there is today, Valentine's day. The day that people rush to "warm bodies" , people who are harmful to them, and disinterested exs ,just looking for love. Love comes when it comes, it does not come for a day on the calendar. The Universe doesn't give a crap about Valentine's Day. Not one iota.

So take control of your destiny, and don't worry about what anyone looks is the LEAST important thing you need to know!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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