Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dreams, be careful how you interpret them!

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I have had a lot of calls for dream interpretation lately. I have the unusual mix of psychic ability, metaphysical training and a BS in Psychology to help me in that realm. The funny part is, many people want the dream to mean something specific. When they dream of an old lover, the message they want it to be, is that the old lover is thinking about them. In reality, 99% of the time, it is the other way around, the dreamer is thinking about the old lover.

Dreams come from various places, some are messages, but the messages are not usually from another person, but from a guide, or higher power. Sometimes they are intuition, or psychic messages, but those are rarely for such mundane things as an ex returning. They are more likely to be of a serious nature, like a warning or a big event in your life. I am sure many think the old ex coming back is a big event, but in the world of metaphysics, it is small potatoes.

Dreams are also ways of communicating with those who have crossed over. Those dreams have a very REAL quality to them. There is no strange setting (strange in the "Alice in Wonderland way), or things morphing into other things. It is more like really being in a place. There is light and shadow play, air moving, smells, clear vision and hearing. The messages are usually short, sweet, but to the point. They are all messages that have a specific purpose behind them.

The most common reason for a dream is simply our subconscious "taking out the garbage". Maybe we are trying to NOT think about the ex during the day so our brain gets the ex out and exorcises him at night, it deals with the ex and gets rid of them so that the ex isn't in the way anymore.

Dreams are most commonly just plain dreams. Not messages, and never because someone else is thinking about you, on that one, you will always be the guilty party. It is "funny" how now that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, there seem to be a bunch of exs out there thinking of their lost loves....

No one in your common everyday life will come to you in a dream to tell you something. Your brain may read signals from them and then allow the ego to interpret them (and usually incorrectly), and then process them. Don't allow dreams to influence or run your life. Pay attention to dreams that are very clear and involve those who have passed. When you ask the highest power for an answer or inspiration, pay attention to that night's dreams. Please do not fool yourself, and dead Aunt Edna isn't using a ton of energy to come tell you that your ex is thinking about you.

There is a reason why readers do not read for themselves in emotional or serious situations, and the same reason applies to interpreting dreams. Most times, dreams are just dreams,that is, the brain's way of taking out the trash !

Sweet dreams!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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  1. I truly enjoyed that article. Thank you. I feel most people are looking for too much out of their dreams. They want specific information from specific dreams but it may help to look at patterns recurring in dreams over time. Plus people forget that the language of dreams is symbolic. Thanks again for your post.

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