Wednesday, March 2, 2011


How appreciative are you? I don't really get a true sense of appreciation that people have for things. I get a sense of entitlement. That which you are entitled to , is that which you EARN. It is sort of like respect. So many people are getting "all kinds of excited" over things that are not given to them, or when things are taken away. Then there is another aspect of it, the "this isn't good enough" aspect.

Appreciate everything, no matter how small, no matter how short. Nothing is due to you. Nothing. The things I hear lately, and I have to say that this time the ladies are the main offenders, is sickening. For some reason they think that men, not husbands either by the way, should do things like shower them with gifts (like cars and rent ), send them money, buy everything top notch....all while they do nothing. Then when it isn't good enough or he complains, HE is the issue.

Ladies (and gentlemen), the ONLY thing that you are entitled to , is that which you work for and earn yourself. Period. You are not entitled to gifts, huge engagement rings, total attention from anyone, or to skate on bills. You don't get to live rent free just because you had a bad year (the landlord still has to pay his mortgage). When you depend on another person for all your world goods, you need to be appreciative. The key is to not have to depend on another person for anything. Have your own job, home, and car. This way you are under no one's thumb, you will always have your self respect, freedom, and say in everything. When the relationship breaks up, you are not out on the street. When you are disabled, that is one thing, but so many are looking to live off money provided by foster care (and this is the WORST), unemployment, welfare, and grants when they are not deserving of any of it.

You don't get to live off of me and everyone else who works, nor not pay your taxes while the rest of us do. It will catch up to you and life will get very expensive. A lady who is a friend's mom in NJ, is having her social security checks taken from her since she owes the government so many taxes she never filed. Get smart, and get with the program.

The days of women staying at home to be totally supported by a man, are long gone and women are respected for what they do. Women who do nothing are not respected by anyone.

Since the age of 16, no one ever supported me, but me. There was a few months on unemployment, while I also worked to make ends meet. There was sharing in household expenses, but I was never a "kept woman", except by my Mother when I was a kid.

Have an appreciation for anything and everything. Don't worry that your boss is a jerk, be appreciative that you have a job. Don't worry that your car is 10 years old, be appreciative you don't have to take the bus to work. Don't fuss that you had to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, be appreciative that you were able to eat today!

A friend and I were talking the other night about quilts, since I am making one for my wedding. She always wondered why they had $500 price tags, until she took a quilting class with me. Once she bought the fabric, tools, and put in her time, she knew that $500 cost for a completed quilt, is a great price (quilter's cotton is generally $10 per yard and up. A quilt can take 12 yards of fabric easily). Sometimes we learn to appreciate by seeing the other side of things. LOOK for the other side of things.Be on the giving end.

Always be appreciative and always give a heartfelt "thank you". Never say it isn't good enough or that you should have "the best". You should have nothing but what you give yourself. Give without expectation of return. Give without expectation of recognition. Give locally, and to those who appreciate your generosity.

Manners still do count for much in this world. Being appreciative is just one way of "minding your manners".

Thank you for reading!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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