Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CH CH CH Changes......

There is a saying (paraphrasing): the only constant is change.

Plato said we can never step in the same river twice, as the waters have already moved on. Change happens whether we are a party to it happening or not. Many don't like when change happens TO them, unless it brings apparent bounty. The fact is, that change always makes something good happen. Always.

It may not always be fun going through it, or your bounty may be to learn a lesson of "never do that again", but there is ALWAYS a positive to change.

I have written many times on life being full of circles, we travel around that circle back to the origin, whether we want to , or realize it, or not. The key is to make those changes easily, and to welcome them.

There are huge changes going on energetically. The Universe is separating people into groups depending on the work they have been doing on themselves and others. Real deal people will be with a small number of real deal people. Fakes with fakes, hypocrites, with hypocrites. Fear based people, with fear based people. People who need to learn lessons, with people who need to learn lessons (remember a long time ago I said the good teachers will be walking out of your lives if you aren't learning? It is already happening). The sad part is that the "negative" groups will have more people in them than the positive ones. A sad commentary on our world.

People who have been working hard the last few years at reaching higher, are cutting out those who refuse to reach higher, from their lives. Groups will grow smaller, then larger again, as the Law of Attraction kicks into high gear.

A song once said....Still don't know what I was waiting for...and my time was running wild, a million dead end streets, and every time I thought I had it made, it seems the taste was not so sweet.(David Bowie)

We can bring on change. We can grow, we can leave the things and people that are not working for us, behind. We can have change happen to us instead, and complain about the world and what is happening to us. Wouldn't you rather be the Captain of your Change Ship?

Change WILL happen. Be a positive influence on it!

Bring about change.
It really is exciting, and always has a good outcome. Always.

DO the right things for the right reasons.

Peshaui Wequashimese

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