Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weeding the garden

Last night I was thinking about people who disappoint or disappointed me. People who do this either out of action or inaction.

People who really have faith in the Universe never disappoint, never fear, never waver. I find it important to have in my garden those who don't call themselves spiritual, but who really are. Some do it without even knowing they are doing it. Some do it consciously and make sure that they act and react a certain way every day of their lives.

Some sadly act out of fear or improperly because they are in a popularity contest. They fool only themselves, and that makes them feel better, but it doesn't work for me. Some are just inconsiderate, rude, or downright criminal. The really "ugly" ones are easy to purge from our lives, but the ones that are "so-so" we usually leave in. I know I had been around a lot of people that I questioned because I didn't want to hurt THEIR feelings. I was pondering all this when the message came in multiple times and ways the past 24 hours, it was, "weed your garden"!

I have seen people totally disagree with others and how they are doing things, but not say a word because then they would be "voted off the island", which means losing the popularity contest. How sad. I would rather walk alone with my head held high, then walk among cowards who are stabbing each other in the back with a beatific smile on their faces.

Inactivity is as bad as actively causing drama and upset to me. People who try to stay under the radar or sit on the fence of life are , to me, cowards. I really have no room in my life for cowards. I also have no room for the greedy, hypocritical, liars, criminals and fakes. There are just too many good people out there. Why fill my garden with weeds, when I am surrounded by peonies, orchids, lilies and roses?

I have met and developed relationships with so many new people over the past year. Honest, real, and truly wonderful people. The Universe sent them to me for a reason. They are not all those of the metaphysical world. I was surrounding myself with those types, and then I realized I was been prejudicial...really. I was only allowing in a certain way of thinking, and then I realized most of them were not the quality I usually surround myself with. Some have awesome talent, but as people, they are cowards, hypocrites and cliquish. They aren't the quality, they were the quantity. Being metaphysically talented or aware,like being musically talented or aware, doesn't make you a good (or bad) person.

So I opened my eyes and looked carefully at all the souls around me, I looked at them with my intuition, and when I saw just a little streak of yellow running down their backs...out they went. Any dishonesty, out they went. Any apathy, out they went. Then today I looked at my Facebook list, and out some went. They aren't BAD people or they wouldn't have been on there in the first place, but they aren't good for me.

Some use Facebook/My Space etc., as a way to make them feel better about themselves , they amass hundreds of "friends" who are not real friends in any sense of the word. Many of them they have never met. That big number at the top of their "friends list" makes them feel loved or important. I never did seek out tons of friends. I was taught to depend on me, and let only good people in. Maybe that is why my life is peaceful, successful, and abundant. For business sake I tried to allow in more of the fringe people, but then I realized that wasn't helping a darn thing.

The people in my "what are friends" blog are the people I want around me. Not a bunch of fluff to make my friends list look good. There is so much in my life that makes me happy from my family to my fiance, to my business, to my achievements, to my health, to our home, to my beautiful real friends. From Mother Nature, to my guides, to my teachers, to my animals. There is so much there, why muddy the waters.
I like strong people because you can always trust them to do right by you. The weak will always go the easy way, even if it is straight over your back.

I always say quality over quantity and that will be my theme today! So many new people, students, and experiences. So many new awesome Native teachers.
I need to time and room to embrace them....

Today, as spring comes around the bend, weed your garden, and I may need to be weeded from yours, as I am strong and growing, I may suffocate those little coward flowers growing in your bed.

Loving your fellow man does not mean you have to be his best friend, it means wishing and causing him no harm. Since some of my so called "friends" have not learned that lesson yet, they went from the garden to the brush pile. Indifference and cowardliness are dark things that need to be weeded out of everyone's life.

Happy weeding!!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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  1. There were a few folks that left comments on my Facebook page and many emailed me with specific info on things that "friends" did to them.

    All agree that "weeding" is something that is important to do, and that only strong people do well.

    They all say it was difficult or painful, but all knew it needed to be done!

    Don't be afraid to weed your garden, the beautiful flowers will plant seeds in the fertile soil right away!!


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