Thursday, March 31, 2011

Common Denominator

When you are having the same issue pop up time and time again, you have to ask yourself...,"What is the common denominator", what is it that caused or was a factor in all these disasters?

The answer most times is YOU.

There is a person who continually gets passed up for promotions, terminated, and laid off from jobs. This person has, from my conversations with them, mental and anger issues. They strongly feel that the reason is that another person didn't do their job right, or they messed up the paperwork, or someone didn't like the end it all comes down to people not wanting to work with an abusive, crazy person. They are quite qualified as to education and experience, but fail miserably at interpersonal relationships. We don't have to love our coworkers, but we sure do have to work well with them on a daily basis.

When you have a theme in your life, look at what the common denominator is. When you have a string of failed marriages, are you really marriage material? Not everyone is. Maybe you keep picking the same "party girl" type and then wonder why the house is a mess when you come home. Look at what the common denominator is!

Life always a financial mess? Are you living above your means? Spending money when you owe thousands? Not a dime in the bank? Then it isn't the bill collector's fault, the government's fault, the Universe's fault. What are you doing to change that? One person said she doesn't have a car to go to work. I work out of my home and I know several others who do also. Not having a car may limit you, but it cannot stop you.

String of jobs? Bad relationships? Health issues even!?

Act like a forensic detective. Sometimes it is hard, as all the roads may point back to you. Be honest with yourself, because it isn't everybody else, it isn't God punishing you, and it isn't a government conspiracy.

Don't be your own worst enemy!

Do the right things for the right reasons!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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