Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rudeness abounds

I received so many email yesterday on rude people, and certain situations. Some of it was shocking, some of it, not so much so.

I can tell you that the main reason all this rudeness stems from is the "ME ME ME" attitude. The "I need", "Oh woe is me", "I want" variety.

We all need, and want something. We all have had situations go sideways on us, but that is not a reason to make a person, or worse yet, a group of people have to change and adapt to suit you.

The other things that popped up were:

Not being on time/wasting time (this is the ultimate, it means "my time is important", yours isn't...that is about as rude as you can get).

Making fun of a person instead of addressing an issue.

Drama. Taking a life experience and turning it into a feature length movie, complete with car chase, tears and gun play. (ok that was a little sarcastic, but the stories I read involved all of these in separate situations).

Saying or doing anything that says you are better, more important, or need more/special attention. There are enough divas on MTV, we don't need them in our real lives.

Don't do anything to invade another person's privacy. If you don't trust them, you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.

Keep your paws out of their money, even if they offer. Some people take, others try to buy love, neither works for very long.

DON'T talk about innocent people in a way that is meant to harm, degrade, or cause upset in their lives. Don't lie about what they have said or done. (boy have I seen that happen, thanks "J" for sending that one in !)

Stay out of other people's relationships...if he is unhappy in his marriage, wait for him to get out! Don't mess up a family any more than it already has been.

Never make fun of; put down; degrade, anyone's religion, race, culture or creed.

Put your hands on anyone, that includes...yes hugs. (refer back to the video the other day).

Do unto others!! Do the right things for the right reasons....
It really is very simple.

When wrong is done, tell them, then just take the offenders, and either release the flying monkeys, or put them in your basement and throw away the key.

Mind your manners!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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