Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some comments on friends/weeding

The "weeding" blog was so important to so many people. There have been all kinds of remarks, from long emails, to facebook comments on friends, or better yet, non friends.

Here are some of them:

Friends don't say "I am sure you are busy, I will let you go", when you call them. That translates to "I am finished talking to you, I have better things to do."

Friends don't say "I wasn't bothering you, or I didn't invite you, because I know you are busy, instead they say, "I know things are busy over there, what can I do to help?".
The other option given was "HI here I am , here is some (fill in the blank), I will see you later unless you need me to do anything".

A friend doesn't participate in play in your enemy's camp, instead they refuse to play with your enemy and let them know that you are their friend.

Many said they have recently , or are in the process of, weeding their garden. It was not easy for any one of them, but they knew it was necessary. Sometimes "friends" become unhealthy, or just wear out their time with you. Sometimes we just need to make room in our lives for others, and their new perspectives and experiences. When you refuse to see other people's perspectives, or new things, you are spiritually dead. If you think you know better than the rest of the world , you have not even been born.

Sometimes we just grow and our friends do not. We need to move on.

I had a person yesterday tell me that she was told by another not to read my blog. She immediately went and read it, and has been reading it ever since. This person said that they could see why the person who said "don't read it" would say so...that person is , and I quote...all the bad things that are ever mentioned in this blog, she hasn't learned a blessed thing, yet she holds herself up to be religious, spiritual, and pure." So instead of keeping a person from reading the blog, this woman was weeded out of her friend's garden. (If anyone ever tells you to not do something that is your God given right, tell them GOODBYE).

What is terrible is that many email their comments to me becasue they are afraid of being ostracized for speaking their minds. I told them , that is a group you WANT to be ostracized from.

Remember "love your fellow man" does not mean to go and pretend to be his friend; do bad things with him; hug him every time you see him; pair up with him to harm another. It means help as you can, and if you cannot, then step back and cause him no harm. Do not wish him harm, or cause others to hate him just because you do.

I weed haters, gossips, pretenders, egomaniacs, cowards, hypocrites, fakes and those who are apathetic from my garden. They serve no purpose.

WEED WEED may not feel good when you are doing it, but you sure will feel good later on!!!

Peshaui Wequashimese

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